Facebook expands job search features to 40 countries

Facebook logo
Facebook said the job search feature they introduced for US and Canadian users turned out to be quite popular. This encourages Facebook social media company that provides this new feature in 40 other countries. This makes Facebook a LinkedIn competitor, which is a social media specifically for professionals.

Facebook allows you to search for jobs within a particular industry. When you create a job application, the document will be filled directly by your work history that is on your Facebook profile. This feature is similar to the resume feature in LinkedIn.

Facebook seems to be serious about developing business related programs and products. Since 2011, they have spent US $ 1 billion for the business.

Primarily, they are interested in working with small to medium sized businesses, which have an important role in the Facebook advertising business.

With more than 2 billion users, Facebook has room to grow. However, so does LinkedIn, which now has 500 million users. It's possible that Facebook is targeting different types of users from LinkedIn. If LinkedIn gives a professional impression, Facebook is casual.

Users can conduct interviews via Facebook Messenger. This can help people to find jobs that do not require skills, such as jobs in retail or restaurant.