Facebook will launch AR effects triggered by objects in the real world

Facebook logo
Facebook will add Augmented Reality (AR) effects, triggered by objects in the real world such as roads, hills and movie posters.

This effect will be launched in the near future, in demo version, while the closed beta version has appeared on YouTube.

Part of the promotion of the latest Ready Player One movie, Facebook will allow users to scan movie posters using the effects found on camera apps.

Not only are the posters found directly, this effect can also be applied to posters found on the internet.

Facebook also plans to present the capabilities on other movie posters, namely in the film titled Wrinkle In Time. The presence of this capability gets the full support of Camera Manager Product Matthew Simari.

Simari reveals his belief that AR will join the world around humans, adding another layer of experience. Simari also mentions that AR is more consistent when compared to the real world and adds more context to things that are happening.

"In the future, we believe AR will be around us Instead of presenting portraits and sharing sessions in general, AR will present hidden data that users can access through devices, like current phones, and future glasses."

Simari's predictions are in harmony with the current conditions in society. For social media applications have started to bring the camera with the support of AR effects, allowing users to look like dogs, dragons, and other interesting things.


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