5 advanced features owned by Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung has just officially introduced the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus to the public. At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 became the second debut of the flagship smartphone.

Present as a premium smartphone, Samsung clearly offers a variety of feature updates. These advanced features not only present on the side of the camera but also penetrated into the audio.

So, what are the latest features that Samsung embedded in both devices? Here is a list of new features on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus which are currently launching in Barcelona, Spain.

1. Dual Aperture Camera

Dual Aperture Camera
The presence of dual aperture on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, according to Samsung's Director of Product Marketing Jonathan Wong, is the most innovative camera feature today.

With dual aperture capabilities, this smartphone camera is able to adapt to various light conditions when shooting. Wong likens the dual way aperture works like the way a human eye sees.

Dual aperture Galaxy S9 is f / 1.5 With these settings, the camera of this device has large openings to accommodate photos in low light conditions.
The presence of a large aperture (F1.5) on the Galaxy S9 is the first time present on the smartphone. The goal is to bring low light photography better.

As for Galaxy S9 which has two lenses, Samsung presents a second aperture, the F2.4. Therefore, this smartphone can still shoot well in normal light conditions.

2. Slow Motion Video

Another advantage of Samsung Galaxy S9 camera is the feature of super slow-motion recording that produces 960 video frames per second (fps) with a resolution of 1080 pixels.

With this super slow-motion recording feature, the Galaxy S9 can accommodate the user's need to record fast moments, so they can be enjoyed and displayed with dramatic slow effects.

This super slow-motion effect allows recording a moment so fast that 0.2 seconds can be six seconds. This recording can also be multi-capture up to 12 times.

3. AR Emoji


The feature named "AR Emoji" can be said to have a function similar to Animoji on iPhone X. The difference, if Animoji in iPhone X take animation from emoji that already exist, AR Emoji in Galaxy S9 actually utilize Augmented Reality (AR) technology. As a result, emoji will appear in adorable animated cartoons similar to the user's face.

Erin Willis, Senior Manager of Samsung's Channel Marketing, explains how AR Emoji works quite easily.

Users simply use the camera to take selfie photos and the results can be directly presented in the form of GIF or sticker. Interestingly, emoji-emoji can be instantly sent via instant messaging.

4. Dolby Atmos AKG Speaker

Dolby Atmos

For audio features, Samsung buried stereo speakers from AKG. With such hardware, Samsung ensures sound output from the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus speakers will be more clear.

Samsung also called the speakers in both devices is 40 percent faster than the S8. Not to forget, there is also Dolby Atmos support that provides a 360 degree audio experience.

5. Intelligent Scan

Intelligent Scan

Finally, there is also an Intelligent Scan feature. This feature is a new verification mode that combines the benefits of face scanning technology and eye retina scanning.

With both technologies, users will more easily open the device in various conditions. There is also Dedicated Fingerprint that allows users to use different fingerprints to open Secure Folders and devices.