Google announced the Gboard keyboard app already supports Chinese and Korean

Google Gboard
Google has just confirmed that the Android version of Gboard app now supports more than 300 different languages. This app covers 74 percent of the languages available worldwide.

Google also announced that Gboard has supported Chinese, both traditional and simplified versions, and Korean, as well as 20 additional languages.

The presence of Chinese and Korean on this app is reported to be Google's answer to user requests. Both are the two most requested languages users to present in the application keyboard.

Google also mentioned that the company is committed to ensuring lesser known languages, such as Manx and Maori, are also available in this keyboard app. So Chinese and Korean are called Google, not the only language that gets its attention.

In addition, Google encourages Gboard users to provide feedback to their companies, if the language used is not yet available in the Android version of the app.

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