Google announces Android Wear brand changes to Wear OS

Wear OS by Google
Information related to the Android Wear brand change that just days ago was just a rumor, has now received confirmation from Google. Starting March 15, United States time, Google's smartwatch platform changed its name to Wear OS, claimed as a wearable operating system for everyone.

The change will impact on more than 50 smart watches present in the market since the launch of Android Wear. In an upload on their official blog, Google exposed the changes on the ground for reasons this new name will be able to better reflect Google's technology and vision.

This brand change also called Google is fueled by developments experienced by device users with the support of its operating system, along with Google's technology and partnership development.

In addition, according to notes, Google mentions in 2017, one of three owners of the new Android Wear watch also uses the iPhone as a communication tool. Google also revealed that the new brand change was announced as a form of preparation to welcome the holding of the Baselworld event next week.

Not only considered capable of representing technology and vision, Google also mentioned that the new brand that is carried by the operating system of his wearable device is also better able to represent the users of the smart watches.

Google claims will continue to develop Wear OS and bring new features and improvements to its wearable platform. Google also claims to be developing interesting things that will launch in the near future.

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