Google began releasing dark mode updates for the iOS version of YouTube app

Youtube dark theme
Google is reportedly in the process of releasing an update for the YouTube app, containing a new dark mode, similar to the modes that have been released on the site-based video-based social networking service launched last year.

No other improvements are implemented in this update other than the new dark theme. However, other things that also worth noting on this update is its availability only for users of iOS operating system device.

This feature changes the number of colors in the YouTube user interface, eliminating the white background and replacing it with black color that is considered more cinematic impression.

YouTube calls this feature to be one of the most user-requested features to be presented on mobile apps, since it was launched on YouTube last year's site version.

To enable this feature, just tap the account icon, then access Settings, and then select "dark theme".

In the meantime, Google plans to introduce this dark mode soon in Android version of app users. Google is also called to have two different teams assigned to handle YouTube, so this feature launches at different times.