Google Clips camera can record high resolution photos

Google Clips
Google released an update for its clever camera companion app, titled Google Clips, allowing users to capture high-resolution photos, along with short burst videos when the shutter button.

Results images captured this camera can be viewed through the smartphone with a lag time almost instantly. To be able to enjoy this new functionality, users must update the Clips camera firmware, which will happen automatically when connecting the camera to a companion application.

Another feature that is presented in this update is the ability to cut the image with zoom via gesture pinch when accessing the edit mode.

Previously, users had to draw a square section to frame the image and cut it, but this latest method is considered more intuitive.

The presence of this feature is welcomed by a number of parties, because Google is not only rely on setting the ability of AI technology. As a reminder, Google Clips is a camera powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can take pictures without pressing the Shutter button and with the support of 7 seconds manual video burst mode.

Meanwhile, Google has sought to increase the popularity of Android tablets, but the effort was judged unsuccessful. Now, Google shifts its focus by working to improve the popularity of Chrome's tablet operating system.

The first device with a stretch of this operating system, the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, officially launched. Unfortunately, carrying the Chromebook brand, this tablet is not supported by a physical keyboard, and is just a tablet, not a convertible device.

Previously, Google required Android device manufacturers through a number of Google-defined certifications, the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) and Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), to ensure its inauguration.
Upon passing the test, manufacturers are allowed to bring Google apps on the device. 

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