Google Doodle today celebrate the father of modern philanthropy

Google Doodle George Peabody
Google celebrates the achievement of George Peabody with Doodle today. Interestingly, it's not the Peabody birthday that Google celebrates.

On March 16, 1867, Peabody acquired the Congressional Gold Medal after donating US $ 2 million - approximately US $ 36 million for education. His decision to donate was not only admired for the large amount of money, but also because Peabody himself dropped out at the age of 11.

Peabody is considered the father of modern philanthropy. Not only that, his name is also used as an award, the Peabody Award. The award is given to the most powerful and motivating stories in television, radio or online media.

In his Doodle page, Google explains that Peabody is from a business family. She dropped out of school when the Civil War in the United States caused her family to fall into poverty. He then went to New York and worked as an assistant at a grocery store.

Peabody then decided to learn self-taught. He spends much of his time at the YMCA Library, which he calls his "alma mater". Not long after that, he became a partner of a successful investment company. This marks the beginning of his long and successful career.

During his lifetime, Peabody participated actively as a political and social activist. The focus is on improving education in the southern part of America.

Today's doodle was made by the Doodle team who volunteered to make a mural project at the George Peabody Elementary School in California. You can see this Doodle creation process in the video below.