Google is testing the new search bar and design changes on its mobile site

Google logo
The latest report pinned a screenshot showing that Google is testing the rounded search bar on its mobile site. In addition to the new search bar, Google also brings other improvements.

A number of these differences are visible on the mobile site's page view, with the tested version armed with the G color logo emblazoned on the left of the new search bar, and the search icon is no longer in the blue box.

In addition, the search bar header section consisting of All, Images, Videos, News, Maps and Books, is no longer adorned by a similar line of frames on both sides and the underside. This search bar change makes it more rounded on both sides and matches the look Google uses in Pixel Launcher.

Google search
For information, testing a mobile site with a new search bar found in Sweden. But until now, Google is still reluctant to give an official statement related to the change, or information related to the official launch time.

Previously, Google released new features for Action and brought the name of Custom Device Actions. This feature will allow device manufacturers to expand Assistant presence and add custom built-in functionality to the device.
This feature will allow Google Assistant users to enable custom tasks, such as the color cycle of the washing machine. In addition, Google also announced that users will be able to subscribe notifications on the phone from the favorite Actions feature.