Google Maps celebrates Mario Day by presenting it as a guide in the Maps app

March 10th became Mario Day, because the date is similar to the name of this video game icon (MAR10). To celebrate, Nintendo presents a number of offers for this iconic video game enthusiast.

From March 10 to March 25, Nintendo is offering a 50 percent premium mobile game discount for $ 4.99. Not only Nintendo, Google also celebrates this Mario Day via an update released to Google Maps.

Through the update, Google replaces the location icon with a picture of Mario driving his favorite car. However, the image will only be available on Google Maps for one week.

To be able to view Mario travel guides on Google Maps, the user must ensure that the device installs the app in the latest version. Open the app and tap the yellow box with a question mark on the inside, located to the left of the Start button.

Tap on the yellow box, and for a week, users will find Mario navigating the Maps app on the device to guide the trip.