Google Maps provides a route for wheelchair users

Google Maps
The Google Maps digital map service launches a new feature called "Wheelchair Accessible". As the name implies, the feature aims to facilitate the search for routes and navigation for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Accessible is launched gradually. In the meantime, only users in some metropolitan cities have accessed, such as New York, Tokyo, London, Mexico City, Sydney and Boston.

Google promises to release this feature for all users in all cities and countries in the next few months. So how to use it?

First, write your destination on Google Maps as usual. Press "Directions" and select the bus icon representing public transport.

Click on "Option", then scroll the application interface down. You will see the "Wheelchair Accessible" option in the "Routes" option.
In addition to choosing a wheelchair route, users can also check the best route (Best Route), the route with the fewest transit (Fewer Transfers), and the route to walk not too much (Less Walking).

The Wheelchair Accessible feature demonstrates the commitment of Google Maps to help wheelchair users. Previously, in 2017, Google Maps allows users to share detailed information about access for wheelchair users in various places.