Google officially brings Google Lens to iOS devices

Google Lens
Google officially brings its image recognition technology called Google Lens to iOS devices. Technology based on artificial intelligence can be accessed through the Google Photos app.

How Lens works on iOS is the same as Lens on Android devices, through a button in the Photos app that lets you recognize objects in an image, and provides information about the object.

Especially for iOS devices, if a user turns on web and app activity settings, Lens activity will be saved to the Google account. History of Lens usage can be deleted through the My Activity page.

Lens can be used in different types of images, such as business card drawings, books, landmarks, buildings, paintings, plants, animals, even billboards. If Lens is used on a photo containing an address or phone number, the information can be saved directly into the contact list in the phone, or add an event in the calendar.

The first Google Lens was introduced to the public in October 2017, precisely at the launch of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Then Google began spreading Lens to other Android devices in early March.

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