Google updates Gesture Swipe to Unlock on Android Auto smartphones

Android Auto
One of the main complaints of Android Auto users is the absence of the ability to unlock the smartphone when it has been connected with the vehicle via Google's work operating system. The only way to use the phone is to unlock it via a voice command.

Aware of this, Google released an update to eliminate limits on the lockscreen phone, so Android Auto smartphone can be used either by the driver or passenger vehicle while on the go.

Android Auto now supports the new Swipe to Unlock gesture, enabling users to unlock the smartphone connected to the car in mobile. This information has received confirmation from Google.

Google mentions this new feature has been enabled and is permanently available to users up to an undetermined time limit. This change also allows passengers to use the connected phone without disturbing the driver's attention.

In addition, the presence of this gesture also facilitates the search for music, rather than using voice commands, or even provide drivers of important information that may be needed when the vehicle is in a state of motion.

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