Google will automatically prevent videos from starting on Chrome 66.

Chrome autoplay pause
In Chrome 64, Google launches a feature that allows users to make videos not automatically played on certain sites.

In Chrome 66, the giant internet company will make certain requirements that restrict videos that will automatically start when a user opens a site.

In the latest version of Chrome later, there are some requirements that must be met before a video can automatically start on a site.

One is that the video must be mute or have no audio. In addition, the user must have tap or click the site when he surfs the internet.

The site should also be added to the Home Screen by users on mobile or users proven to often play videos on the site when opening it via desktop.

"As we announced earlier, autoplay is now only allowed if the video does not make a sound, or after a user clicks or taps on a site or (on the desktop) if the user shows interest in watching a video on a site," Google said in his blog.

"This will lower the video level with the sound playing without the user's permission when he first opened the site."

Currently, Chrome 66 is in beta testing stage. Chances are, this latest version of Chrome will launch in the next few weeks.

Chrome 66 will also display a warning if the browser stops working or crashes because third-party software includes code that is not trusted by Symantec.