Google will block crypto money ads

Google logo
Google party reportedly will block all ads related to business and crypto money service. Google Specters' Director of Sustainable Ads, Scott Spencer stated that they will firmly implement the policy starting in June, following Facebook which had already implemented it in January.

It is known that the reason Google in this step is no different from Facebook, to combat ads that could endanger consumers.

"We have updated some policies to take a stand on ads that offer speculative financial services or products, such as crypto money," Spencer said. This implies that Google is inclined to believe that crypto money trends are highly vulnerable to fraud.

He considered that there were already a lot of examples of crypto business and money services that initially looked promising, but unexpectedly the service and business providers disappeared with the money away from investors.

This raises questions about the impact of disappearance of business-related ads and crypto money services on Google's revenue, the largest portion of which comes from advertising, as crypto money trends are as popular as crypto currency values.

Google's parent company, Alphabet, earns 85% of its revenue from advertising. Predicted, the figure will reach more than US $ 40 billion for the year, beating Facebook which only reached US $ 22 billion.

The only way business advertising and crypto money service installed is not eliminated by Google is to prove that the crypto money business and services have worked with the government or the banking party to be legally valid.

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