Google will release its first Android P Developer Preview in mid-March

The I / O event, which is generally held on May 8th, became a platform for Google to introduce a number of new software. However, rumors circulating that Google will release its first Android P Developer Preview earlier.

Similar to last year's release of the first Android Developer Developer Preview in March, Google reportedly will follow the same pattern for this year. According to Evan Blass, Android P Developer Preview 1 is expected to be released in mid-March.

Until now, there is still no definite information related to the number of previews that Google will release throughout 2018, before the final version is available on the first phone. Over the past two years, Google released up to five developer preview versions.

Until Google released the first Android Developer P Preview, a number of reports underline the new features that Google is expected to introduce. The new features include support for the small space above the screen, and the option to alert the user if a phone call is recorded.

The latest Google Smartphone is expected to be the only device supporting Android P Developer Preview is Pixel and Pixel 2. Google is said to be adding a smartphone model that will support the latest operating system in the next Developer Preview version.

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