How to keep your child safe while using Gadgets

Parental supervision
Currently the development of technology is very advanced. Various gadgets are very familiar to children, even school tasks require internet use.

Gadgets and internet provide a positive and negative for the child. Therefore, parents sometimes hesitate when will give permission to use gadget or internet. Here are tips on using gadgets and internet in the family.

Specify the duration or time of using the gadget. For example, starting from 16:00 to 17:00 on Saturday and Sunday. For school-age children up, parents can talk about the timing of this gadget and make a deal together.

Parents can also specify an area without gadgets at home. For example, may not use gadgets at the dinner table or in a private room. Or the gadget should only be used in the family room so parents can keep an eye on the child.

Parents can discuss this and make agreement with the child. Areas without these gadgets are set so that interaction and communication within the family are well preserved.

Parents need to know all the social media used by children and regularly oversee the child's social media content. When parents and children become friends in social media, parents also need to maintain the content of their personal accounts and set an example for children about good ethics in using social media.

Parents should encourage children to discuss the risks of sharing personal information on social media.

Periodically, parents need to check the privacy settings in the child's gadgets and social media. For example, on Youtube sites there are buttons that filter adult content, in Instagram there is an option to lock the account.

Use of gadgets or the internet for children is not always bad, as long as parents and children keep building communication and open about it.