How to secure the phone battery so as not to explode

use the smartphone when in-charger
Mobile phone exploding case has filled the history of gadget history. Many things that cause the phone exploded, one of which is how the use of mobile phones arbitrary and poor phone battery maintenance.

Many ways that can be done to avoid the phone experiencing high temperatures that potentially produce explosions or other dangerous events. Here's a simple way of securing the phone from a potential explosion that could endanger its users.

Turn off unused features

Smartphone supported various supporting features to make users easier on the move. However, users often allow many features to remain on while unnecessarily in use.

For example, WiFi or Bluetooth features that remain ignored when users are not needed or no connection that can be accessed by the handset. We recommend that you let your phone run only apps and features that are again required. In addition to making the phone more cool, this step also makes the battery power more durable.

Avoid playing games on mobile phones that are in-charge

The game app is one of the many entertainment available to smartphone users. However, games that run on smartphone devices are often more diligent in consuming the power stored in the battery.

The problem is, not a few people who are accustomed to run gaming applications when the phone is charged for fear of leaving the enjoyment of the game. In fact, this activity is potentially making the phone hotter and damaging the battery. We recommend that you let the mobile phone that is charging alone to be more secure from any hazard risk that can occur.

Do not hold the phone with a high-temperature object

Powerbank is a mandatory complementary accessories for mobile device users today. The use of powerbank is enough to help keep the handset burning when the power inside the battery is critical.

Unfortunately, not a few people who use powerbank paste it when usually mobile charger that produces a hot temperature that when affixed to the phone can be contagious. Instead, the phone is kept away from high-temperature objects such as powerbanks and laptops that are on to keep the temperature stable.

Do not leave the phone in the vehicle

The phone is usually inside the grip. But, the fact is there are still smartphone or tablet users who leave the device in the car either on the dashboard or other places in the vehicle while he is on the move.

Apparently, leaving the phone in the vehicle can cause damage to the cell phone temperature especially when the vehicle is parked in a hot place. Car interiors in certain situations turns out to cause the phone to experience high temperatures.

Wear original battery

Sometimes mobile phone users have to change the phone battery for one reason or another. If forced to replace the battery then you should use the original and sold in the official store so as not to cause greater problems later.