Huawei puts P20 and P20 ad trucks in front of Apple and Samsung stores in the UK

Huawei ad trucks
Huawei began to do promotional activities for the latest flagship smartphone, the P20 and P20 Pro, one in the UK.

In the UK, Huawei conducts promotional activities through trucks with posters advertising for P20 and P20 Plus.

Uniquely, Huawei decided to park the advertising truck that showcased the camera capabilities that are featured on both smartphones in front of the physical store Samsung and Apple. Meanwhile, the poster embedded on the truck reads "wait" and "be patient".

In both white words on this poster, Huawei accentuated the letter AI in red, indicated that the technology is available on Huawei's latest flagship smartphone. Huawei also pinned graffiti on the shop sidewalk, saying that a revival would be coming soon.

The graphics are thought to refer to the ability to display photos with art and photographic effects on the Huawei P20 camera. However, to prove all the hints Huawei presented on the ad, consumers will have to wait for the next few days.

Huawei P20 graffiti

Meanwhile, Huawei will reportedly launch a mobile phone with 512GB of internal memory. This figure is double the current internal memory of premium smartphones. In fact, flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X only have 256 GB of internal memory.