Instagram expands shopping features from within the app in eight new countries

Instagram shopping feature
Instagram has begun testing the shopping features of the app in 2016. Products are tagged in photos in apps, and interested users can tap on the item image lets users buy their products directly from the app, without the need to access the browser.

Last year, features of Instagram shopping are available in various regions of the United States. Instagram now announces the presence of this feature in eight other countries in the world, including Britain, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

This feature benefits the Shopify trading platform, providing 500 thousand merchants with access to Instagram users, and reaching agreement with the photo-based social network. Meanwhile, in the last calculation, Instagram has 800 million monthly active users.

The expansion, called Shopify, is aimed at meeting the increased demand of shopping enthusiasts for a unique experience with a shorter purchase process.

In addition, Shopify also mentions that the future of trade must meet and exceed consumer demand that continues to evolve.

Prior to this feature expansion, Instagram was also reportedly testing a new feature that allows users to upload photos on this social networking homepage, and comment on the Instagram Story personal. Customers can also promote Instagram uploads by placing a "see post" button on Story.