Instagram is testing new features that allow users to re-upload photos on the homepage

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Through a small number of users, Instagram is currently reportedly testing new features that allow users to upload photos on this social networking homepage, and comment on Instagram Story personal.

In addition, customers can promote Instagram uploads by placing a "see post" button on Story. Currently, the new way Instagram users can do is to take a picture of the screen, upload it in Stories and add comments.

Another way is to take advantage of third party apps from the Google Play Store. A number of such applications include Regram, Media Repost for Instagram and Repost for Instagram.

Adding this capability as a built-in tool within the app, Instagram rated will bring convenience to the user.

The presence of this capability as a built-in capability also allows advertisers to promote Instagram-based advertising campaigns across cross platforms, thereby providing an opportunity to help Facebook earn additional revenue.

To perform an upload regram, select a public and permanent upload from the homepage. Then tap the button to embed it on Story.

Users can choose to highlight author names, resize original uploads, add personal comments, and use other Instagram tools in images.

Tapping uploaded uploads after upload on Story will show a 'see post' button. Other users who click on the button will be redirected to the original upload.

However, users who do not want their help appearing in Instagram Story other users can disable this feature.