Intel will buy the company Broadcom, the company that wants to acquire Qualcomm

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Broadcom still wants to acquire Qualcomm, although several times the offer has been refused. The news came that Broadcom began to be bought by another chip giant, Intel. The world's chipmaker is reportedly interested in purchasing Broadcom.

But there is a logical reason behind it. Intel allegedly want to buy Broadcom because the company will become a big competitor, if so join Qualcomm.

Broadcom and Qualcomm each have a market capitalization value of about US $ 100 billion, so the combination of both will be the technology with the greatest value of the universe if realized.

The combination of Broadcom and Qualcomm will be a strong rival for Intel, which is equally engaged in the chip industry, with a market capitalization value of around US $ 240 billion.

An Intel spokesman declined to comment on his acquisition of Broadcom, but confirmed that Intel is often buying other companies.

"We have made a number of important acquisitions in the last 30 months including the acquisition of Mobileye and Altera," said the spokesman.

Broadcom last offered Qualcomm $ 121 billion in February. Although rejected, Broadcom still want to acquire Qualcomm.