John Chen will still be the CEO of BlackBerry until 2023

John Chen
John Chen will continue to be the CEO of the BlackBerry until November 2023. BlackBerry thanks Chen for saving the company by getting out of the smartphone business and turning the company's focus into investing in cyber security and embedded software that now make a major contribution to revenue and growth.

In an official statement, the board of directors of BlackBerry showed their confidence in Chen. They mentioned that "John can make a successful change and change the company's focus to leverage its strengths and assets to Enterprise of Things, a new category that has enormous potential."

Chen himself seems to feel that the BlackBerry has successfully evolved and is no longer in such dangerous circumstances when he first served as 2013.

In recent years, BlackBerry has successfully surpassed the financial forecasts of experts and by 2018 also looks promising for the Canadian company.

"I do not think we need to change the focus of the company," Chen told Bloomberg TV in January. "We can earn money, we grow in the right area."

Chen's main area is the security of cyber and corporations. "We are very good at cyber security, enterprise in regulated industry, especially banks and government and health."

"Our next growth is automotive," Chen said in the interview. At that time, BlackBerry has just announced his cooperation with Baidu to develop autonomous car technology using QNX platform made by BlackBerry. QNX will be the basis of Baidu autonomous car platform, Apollo.