8 math apps to help you learn to be more active

With the rapid advancement of technology today, it is easier for people to do activities. Can not be denied that now many of you are dependent on the existence of smart phones. Various new applications are created to reduce our workload to make it easier. Therefore today one day without holding a smartphone will be a nightmare for all of us.

So this time we'll introduce a new app that can easily help you solve difficult math problems just by using your camera phone.

You can imagine how easy school life now if it has a gadget that can help solve and provide solutions to all kinds of math problems. So posting this time will be very useful for everyone who is difficult to solve math problems.

1. Mathway


Some people when hearing the mathematical words that exist in your mind would be difficult and dizzying, but with an application called Mathway you are not only given answers but will be given step by step that is far more important in the process of learning mathematics.

Simply input a question or import a photo of your math problem you want completed, and Mathway will give you an answer and show you how to solve the problem and the steps. Mathway can complete a variety of basic math problems through algebra, calculus to statistics.

2. PhotoMath


Photomath is the smartest camera calculator in the world, because by showing the camera to a math problem, PhotoMath will instantly display the answer along with the steps. Even this application has been downloaded by millions of users around the world, this application helps make your learning procedure faster than ever.

PhotoMath supports basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and some functions like logarithms. Support for new maths will continue to be added in the new version.

3. Mathematics

With the initial look like a calculator, but the mathematics application has a complete formula calculation feature when you activate this one application. How to use mathematics application is easy enough You just need to enter the math problem you want answered, then select the formula, in an instant Mathematics will immediately give a quick and precise answer. 

4. Math Expert

For this one application you should choose. Because this one application is quite special because it can not only help the task of mathematics but also the task of physics. Math Expert has many formula formulas that can help you to do different types of math problems. 

5. yHomework - Math Solver

For those of you who like fast results and a simpler look, you can try this one application yHomeWork - Math Solver is an android based math app that can work on algebraic, basic arithmetic. How to use it is quite easy, you just need to enter the problem on the smartphone screen and immediately you will get the answer to the matter precisely and accurately.

6. Math Helper Lite - Algebra

Is an application that works to solve the problem of algebra, Algebra is equipped with complete algebraic formula, to use it you just need to enter the problem, then you will be guided automatically step by step, then you will be told to choose the formula. Wait a few moments then the results of your problems will be immediately visible on the smartphone screen.

7. MyScript Calculator

Myscript calculator
For those of you who are accustomed to writing equations in books and can not copy them into the calculator now comes a MyScript calculator. This app has a handwriting recognition system that enables its users to write an equation and ask the application to count the results. MyScript supports basic arithmetic, square root, trigonometry, logarithms and constants. 

8. Graphing Calculator - Algeo

If you use Algebra and calculus but can not afford expensive expensive graphic calculators, do not worry as there are free graph app options on your android device. Graphing Calculator - Algeo has great graphics functions, and a complete scientific calculator is available.

Download Application Graphing Calculator - Algeo