Microsoft Xbox announced the update by installing 1440p support and new Mixer

Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft announced more detailed information related to the upcoming Xbox spring updates, which are available to members of the Xbox Insider core group. One support 1440p video output support.

This resolution is a popular choice among PC game players who want to keep the frame rate high, and do not prioritize 4K visuals.

With 1440p support on Xbox One S and X, combined with a compatible monitor is claimed to deliver an optimal usage experience of the 2560 x 1440 pixels qHD screen.

Part of this update is also supported by a new interactive feature as Twitch's competitor, Mixer, which was relaunched last year after changing the Beam brand name it acquired in 2016.

Now, Mixer broadcasters broadcasting content on Xbox One will be able to share their controllers with viewers who watched impressions via The viewer can then control the gameplay of the broadcaster either with the Xbox plug-in controller installed on the PC, or through the gamepad broadcaster.

Mixer broadcasts will also be supported with the ability to be paused, rather than stopping completely, when the announcer changes the game. Microsoft now also adds the ability to start broadcasting from different parts of the Xbox One interface.

More detailed information related to software changes to be presented in the upcoming second quarter on Xbox One submitted by Microsoft through uploads on the official website of this United States company.