5 most dangerous android viruses in the world

Android virus
In the gadget of everyday life has become a part that is always attached to us, for its own use began to vary depending on the age of its own users. At the beginning of the emergence of android built in os unix platform this will not be exposed to the virus in the android system, but it is denied now, infected with the virus is a very annoying thing for its users.

Now this android has become one of the more vulnerable operating systems, and there have been a number of exploits over the years. From the start of the type of malware and pop-ups to steal personal information, many types of viruses are cultivated in android applications now.

Here is a list with five of the most dangerous viruses in the world created by virus developers, as well as additional information about what you can do and how you get rid of this malware.

1. Shedun

Shedun is a well known type of Android malware software that lists at the end of 2015. The virus is automatically able to enter in the root mode of your android device. However, this virus is made in applications that are made official by a reputable brand that is difficult to know for the layman.

It's hard to remove entirely, and can cause re-install on android devices. So you have to re-install with the new firmare available in various android installation services.

2. Godless

This android virus can be found on Google Playstore, so it has a very dangerous prospect because for anyone will install it because it considers as an official application. Even if you follow the application rules, there is a chance the android virus will infect your cell phone if you are not careful. This can be found on devices running on older versions of Android 5.1 and lower.

3. App clone & copies

If your android smartphone has experienced a reinstall itself and then appears the official application, the possibility it is a clone virus, this malware mimics the official application, in because for users who do not understand the working system of this clone virus that infects the target. This is the best way for hackers and scammers to get data from their targets or targets easily.

Just imagine the user permissions belong to a hacker, personal data such as accounts registered through your smartphone account of course it is very dangerous. Therefore plug the antivirus android on your smartphone, both free anti virus and antivirus free.

4. Gunpowder

This malware is installed by a third party without the knowledge of Nintendo company embedded in android applications in Playstore. This malware maker of course targets people who love this type of old game.

We recommend you choose a paid android app so you do not have to think your android device will be infected by this dangerous virus. Lots of trusted application providers even if you have to spend a little money to pay for this Nintendo game.

5. HummingBad

Hummingbad made headlines in July 2016. Can steal user information and download apps without your permission. Check Point security company claims that it has spread to over two million devices worldwide. This android virus infects the phone by starting the download when you visit a suspicious website in your browser.

How to get rid of Hummingbad virus.

A best android antivirus manufacturer works together to track the presence of this malware, it infects the time you start searching your browser, so you will not know that when you access a mobile site it might be possible to have this malware lurk you and get your data easily.

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