Netflix brings video preview in Android and iOS apps

Netflix mobile
Netflix has just announced its mobile app fix for both Android and iOS. VP Product Netflix Todd Yellin confirmed the video preview feature will be implemented in mobile applications.

The feature allows customers to watch 30-second video samples displayed in a vertical format. This feature has also been available on the desktop version of Netflix interface since a few years ago.

The presence of such features in the mobile version of the app allows Netflix to provide a seamless usage experience on its various platforms. According to Yellin, this mobile preview feature will be available for hundreds of content titles it has.

Netflix also mentioned that the video footage presented by this feature is the work of its internal video editing team. In order to use it, Netflix users must tap on the new circle icon that accompanies the title of their favorite event.

To navigate the list of videos supported by this feature, users only need to wipe the screen to the left or right of the app. Meanwhile, Netflix mentions only 20 percent of users who use mobile devices to watch the content.

However, more than 50 percent of Netflix customers use their smartphone or tablet to access the service every month.