Nokia mobile phone exploded killing an 18 year old Indian girl

Nokia mobile phones
The phone exploded again, this time befalling an 18 year old girl from India. He reportedly died from his cell phone exploded while making a call.

Uma Oram thus the name of the victim. Told by the family, at that time he was making phone calls in a condition of charging the battery.

Right then, suddenly Uma's cell phone exploded causing her hands, chest, and legs to be seriously injured. He was immediately unconscious and rushed to the hospital. However, he has been declared dead.

"When his cell phone battery runs out, he plugs in the charger cable to charge while continuing to talk to our relatives," explained his brother Durga Prasad Oram.

He also explained the younger sister using the Nokia 3110 phone. However, from the evidence photographs taken while the events of some media to identify that the phone is actually Nokia 5233 which has been released in 2010.

Hearing this incident the Nokia also spoke up. They share their deepest condolences for the families that have been abandoned.

"We are very sad to hear the unfortunate incident involving an 18-year-old girl who has been reported." said a Nokia spokesman.

Upon this incident, local police are still gathering evidence and investigating what is the cause of this tragic incident.