Nvidia clarified Uber's autonomous car technology that crashed into pedestrians to death

Uber autonomous car
Nvidia spoke out about the use of homemade technology in Uber's autonomous car, which recently crashed into pedestrians to death.

In a question and answer session with reporters, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang firmly cites that Uber is not using Nvidia's Drive technology. Uber, according to Huang, developed his own sense and drive technology.

"Uber does not use Nvidia Drive technology, Uber developed his own sense and drive technology," Huang said in the question and answer session.

But that does not mean Uber is completely detached from Nvidia, Uber is still using a number of hardware made by Nvidia in his autonomous car. Only, Uber does not use the technology completely.

Nvidia Drive is an autonomous computing platform, which includes real time fusion sensor, HD Mapping, and line planning.

Huang also confirmed that Nvidia immediately stop testing his autonomous car one or two days after the Uber accident happened, not after the accident became a scene in various news in the mass media.

"If there is an incident happening, it is a new piece of information that is a lesson for us, you have to stop and learn from it. I think everyone in the industry should learn from this," added Huang.