Ola will acquire Uber business in India?

Uber And Ola
Uber has given up in Southeast Asia, China, and Russia. Then now comes the news that says Uber is likely to release its business in India.

According to the news, Uber is currently in discussion with Ola, who is a ride-sharing provider like Uber in India. Both are thinking of a possible merger, in which case Ola acquired Uber's business in India.

This conversation is reportedly backed by SoftBank, a Japanese company that is an investor in Uber as well as in Ola. It should be noted, SoftBank is also an investor in Grab, which acquires Uber business in Southeast Asia.

Currently Ola controls 70% of the market in India, while Uber is only 26%. So if both agree to merge, it is likely that Ola will acquire Uber's business in India. Ola's own spokesperson admitted that they are actively seeking opportunities to expand their scope.

This assumption is reasonable, given the statement of Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who called Uber's resignation from the Southeast Asian market because the company he leads has limits in dominating the online transport sector in a number of countries around the world.

Tight competition in Southeast Asia has also become one of the reasons for SoftBank in accelerating the transaction process between Uber and Grab. The Japanese funding company is Grab's biggest investor and the majority shareholder in Uber.