Online Payments Google Tez delivers chat service

Google Tez
In the past year, Google launched an online payment application called Tez in India. With Tez, users can make a number of payments, such as in-store purchases either online or offline.

Now, a service that already has 15 million users is by Google added a new feature of chatting so that users can send each other messages related to each transaction. It can also help to track various other payments.

The addition of chat feature on Tez seems to be background WhatsApp which also penetrated online payment service, WhatsApp Payment which was just launched in India at the beginning of last year.

WhatsApp itself has 200 million users in India. In addition to WhatsApp, there is also a local application made in India Paytm a leading mobile payment company in India which also has more than 200 million users. At the end of last year, this app also presents chat options.

Both Google and WhatsApp connect the service platform with several major Indian banks that are integrated through a system called UPI (Unified Payments Interface), a payment system promoted by the local government to encourage the integration of bank services.