Rumors Apple will acquire Snap Inc. will not happen

Snap Inc.
Rumors that call Apple plans to acquire Snap Inc., the parent of a social networking-based video company, Snapchat.

Acquired Snap Inc. assessed a number of experts will give Apple access to messaging services on the Snapchat app, although the design update on the Snapchat user interface has led many users to sign a petition for previous design return demands.

Nevertheless, the controversy is judged to cause Apple to see Snapchat as a way to engage in the realm of social messaging technology.

In addition, previously circulated information that mentions that both Apple CEO Tim Cook and CEO Snap Evan Spiegel believe the future lies in technology AR.

Snap Inc. currently has a valuation of US $ 22 billion, and is expected to grow considering Apple has the ability to acquire them at high prices. Valuation Snap Inc. is also considered affordable when compared to Apple's funds, reportedly reached US $ 300 billion.

However, a number of parties questioned Apple's related plans to buy Snap Inc. this allows Apple to have the ability to develop things that can not be done alone, and at a more affordable cost.

Most analysts still doubt Apple will make its decision to acquire Snap. Previously, the largest acquisition ever made Apple is when buying Beats in 2014 for US $ 3 billion.

The doubts of some analysts are also supported by statements from former limited fund manager Jim Cramer, who calls the acquisition of two big names in the realm of technology will not happen.

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