Samsung acquired technology developer company AI Kngine

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Samsung takes the next step in upgrading the latest version of virtual assistant Bixby 2.0. Samsung acquired Kngine, a startup based in Egypt, which focused on creating the AI idea to study and behave similarly to humans.

Kngine developed artificial intelligence technology (AI) with similar human capabilities, allowing him to answer questions after studying information from reading documents, books, doing searches on the site and more.

This machine works in phase, first by processing the question, then spelling it into the sub questions and composing the answer plan.

Furthermore, this machine compiles answers found by rank, displaying the most appropriate answer for the user.

Interestingly, Samsung has invested in Kngine in 2014, along with Vodafone Ventures Egypt. The Kngine acquisition took place in 2017, through Samsung Research America, a Samsung partner that acquired a 100 percent stake in Kngine.

Yet other detailed information related to this acquisition is still a secret, and Samsung is still reluctant to provide official responses regarding this information. Kngine was not the first AI company that Samsung acquired.

Recently, Samsung acquired Fluenty, an AI-based communications solutions company or chatbot, and invested in Reactor Labs that also runs in the realm of artificial intelligence technology development.