Skype is now directly connected with TripAdvisor and StubHub

Skype logo
Microsoft launched a major update for Skype app Android and iOS versions, and is in the process of distributing to all users. Featured featured on this update is the presence of TripAdvisor and StubHub integration.

Both of these features will allow Skype users to organize subsequent trips directly through group conversations. How the TripAdvisor feature works is easy, users only need to click the Add to chat (+) button and select TripAdvisor in the latest version of the app.

The user can then locate the specific destination or city you want to visit. In addition, users can also search for hotels, restaurants and other things to do in selected areas. All information found can be shared on group conversations.

Meanwhile, the StubHub feature is intended for Skype users who are planning an event.

After accessing the feature, users will be able to search for the desired event, location, or specific date. This feature will display the number of tickets available at the event. This feature will also offer equipment to find the appropriate tickets at the desired price range.