Snapchat is preparing two updated version models from Spectacles

Snapchat is reportedly developing two new versions of Spectacles. This year, the second model to be released will come with a host of new features that can not be found in the first version of the product.

Spectacles 2018, expected to launch in the fall, will be powered with waterproof capabilities, available in more color choices, and improved performance and bug fixes.

The latest report also mentions in 2019, Snapchat will release an upgraded version of Spectacles. This version will support a more rounded lens with two cameras that will offer 3D images.

In addition, these glasses will also come with GPS capabilities, leather chassis and offered for US $ 300. Similar to other technology companies, Snapchat is also reportedly focused on Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

The next version of the so-called Spectacles will be supported with these AR technology support components. As a reminder, Spectacles are Snapchat sunglasses with plastic frames and are available in a wide selection of colors.

These glasses are also supported with a small camera embedded in each lens, and pressing the button embedded in the glasses hinges will record a video duration of 10 seconds, and a maximum of 30 seconds.

This eyewear recording video can be shared via email or social media. These glasses are offered for US $ 129.99, and Snapchat sells more than 150 thousand units of Spectacles in its first year.

The amount sold was 50 percent more than the initial prediction of Snapchat during that time period. However, Snapchat suffered a loss of US $ 40 million from this business.