Snapchat will bring AR effects to Lens Studio users' work in their main app

AR effect
In December 2017, Snap released a second app called Lens Studio. The app for both Windows and Mac devices creates an Augmented Reality (AR) effect, so it can be used and shared on Snapchat.

In an effort to popularize the user-generated AR effects, named Lens, Snapchat plans to bring those effects to the main view of the app. Beginning in late March, Snapchat will feature a selection of community work Lens on the homepage of the app.

Clicking on the AR effect will display a window, containing the name of the creator and the "created with Lens Studio" tag. Snapchat calls it a "creator boost" and is expected to be the next step Snap prepares as a form of appreciation.

Previously, Snap also featured an appreciation for the user community by presenting in-app analytics for users with verified accounts. Meanwhile, until now, Lens Studio is reportedly growing and growing well.

The app allows all of its users to create AR objects of their work and use them in Snapchat. More than 30 thousand lenses made via Lens Studio, have been enjoyed as many as billions of times, proving the application is easily accessible.

So far, users of these applications are also reportedly creative enough in creating AR effects. Some of them create an AR effect involving a baby dressed in astronauts, goats, and dragons who behave like weightlifters.