Snapchat will introduce the Connected Apps tab on the Settings page

Snapchat logo
The privacy controversy that includes Facebook causes most users to opt out of social media. The measure is judged on the basis of the right reasons, to protect data from leaks.

However, the incident was exploited by Snapchat reportedly preparing to launch the Connected Apps tab on the Settings page. This tab will allow users to manage various apps connected to Snapchat accounts.

This feature has been found by members of the Snapchat beta testers, though there is currently no information related to the exact time of its release. However, connecting a Snapchat account may also disclose personal information to third parties.

Currently, Snapchat has built-in connectivity support with two applications, Bitmoji owned by Snap Inc. and Shazam. Users can access the app with Snapchat account, bringing their own convenience.

The incidents experienced by Facebook are thought to be Snapchat's reasons for delaying the launch of the option. In addition, a number of Snapchat's scandals including those associated with Rihanna, are also predicted to be the reason Snapchat is more cautious in making decisions.