South Korean government turns off office computers if work hours are excessive

employees overworked in the office
South Korea is one of the countries in the Asian region whose workers love to spend time in the office until late at night without regard to health conditions.

The diligence of office workers in South Korea is felt by the government of the country, and also has a bad impact. Now the South Korean government can control all existing computers in the office.

The technology not described in detail will make the South Korean government easy to disable all computers in the office at certain hours, starting at 20:00.

The new policy will be implemented by the Seoul capital government. The plan of this policy will take effect from March 30, 2018 later for three months.

South Korea is not the first to use technology to encourage office workers to work on time. In Japan, there are drones that are sold to evict workers from office space.

The company named Taisei creates an autonomous drone named T-Frend that will fly while playing back clock music around the worker so they get distracted.

The price is about US $ 443. The price is a good investment compared to the health conditions of the workers being ignored.

Already many cases of sudden death among the office workers in Japan. This is because they are not aware of their immune limit. This incident is known as Karoshi.