Special Android phone for children on display at MWC 2018

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, a Spanish company called Escudo Web showcased a device titled phoneKid. Android smartphone is intended for children, allowing parents to determine the time and how to use the smartphone.

This smartphone uses a modified Android operating system to prevent security break-outs, allowing parents to control child devices remotely anytime via apps.

Parents will also be able to give children access to the selected apps or specify profiles containing a specific set of apps that can be accessed. For example, when enabling the "Study mode" profile, children will only be able to access apps related to education, such as calculators, Word, and more.

Not only that, parents can also block the homescreen on the phone and replace it with an activity command. This is another way to tell the child what to do next. However, this device has a number of internal restrictions.

These limits are intended to prevent children from taking dishonest acts to avoid or reduce the portion of parental control and supervision. The child will not be able to disable the phone or disable the location tracking feature. That feature will only become disabled when the phone runs out of battery power.

A number of parties questioned the availability of the market for these devices, because children are not considered interested in having a smartphone that they know has a strict supervision feature. In addition, there are more affordable, even free, ways to control child smartphones via Google Family Link.

Google Family Link is an app that lets users set restrictions on child devices, including banning certain sites, locking apps, and setting up sleep times by switching off the phone.