Spotify found a fake premium account of two million accounts

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Spotify claimed to have found a fake premium account of two million accounts. This figure is very large and threaten the amount of revenue Spotify companies that have not actually produced significant profits.

The impact itself recognized Spotify in a formal statement that affects their key performance index of services so that the statement appears to be part of a notice to investors and musicians.

Based on data at the end of December 2017, Spotify has a total of 157 million monthly active users, of whom 71 million are premium account users. That number is down from the amount announced at Spotify filed an IPO earlier this month.

Previously, Spotify mentioned that the number of active users they reached 159 million. Spotify party said this was done in order to maintain investor confidence in their company and avoid falling stock prices them due to this case.

Whereas at the beginning of this month Spotify has filed an IPO to stock exchange with valuation value of US $ 1 billion in order to get the funds in large amounts.

So far it has not been explained how Spotify to eradicate this problem other than through account blocking.

This could mean that Spotify is not an application used to create a free account to be a fake premium but a Spotify security system that has a gap to do just that.