Spotify is cracking down on premium service hijackers

Spotify logo
Spotify is cracking down on users who are running a modified version of the software that removes some restrictions from free accounts. This company has sent emails over the last few days to the hacked account.

In an email, Spotify mentions it has detected abnormal activity on the app, and disables the suspected account. Spotify has not deleted the account yet, and the user can reactivate it after removing the software and downloading the official app.

About 88 are also registered accounts on free Spotify versions, complemented by advertisements and restrictions such as random playback of songs. However, some sites offer Spotify installation files that have supported download capabilities, making free accounts capable of acting similar premium accounts.

Users only need to register for a free account and then download the modified version and enter the required information. This hack does not change the account from free to premium, but it activates a number of premium account features such as unlimited passing ability.

Until now, there is still no detailed information regarding the number of accounts that have been modified, or the impact of this problem for Spotify who was preparing to make an initial public offering.

Spotify has 159 million users worldwide, and 71 million of those users are paid premium account subscribers. Nevertheless, Spotify is reportedly still having difficulty benefiting from his services.

Previously, Spotify had filed a document on Wednesday for an IPO worth US $ 1 billion. Spotify does this because they want to get large amounts of funds through an IPO.