Stanford University students protested in front of the Apple store

Apple Store
Although the role of smart phone is very much for its users, it is also coupled with negative impact. One of them is the addiction on the device.

This then triggered a group of students from Stanford University rallied in front of Apple stores in the campus area.

Students on behalf of Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices (SSAAD) or who are battling mobile device addictions, ask Apple to focus more on this by making changes, such as modifying features on the iOS operating system.

The demonstration conducted by computer and health science students cites research results of 2016 from Common Sense Media on 1,240 respondents from ages 12 to 18.

The research explains that 50 percent of adolescents admit to being addicted to their smart phones, including parents who 69 percent of them also have an addiction to check their phones every hour. Finally, both parents and their children are busy with their own phones.

In the pamphlets that they shared in the protests, the consequences of the addiction began to affect the level of stress, relationship relationships users, and decreased productivity.

Although they do not accuse Apple of using this addiction for its model business, but protester students argue Apple could overcome this addiction problem by modifying the technology on its devices.

The protesters put forward three points for Apple to do. The first provides features that display information on the use of mobile phones on each user including notification that they begin to experience addiction.

The second is a special mode that only displays notifications that are considered important on the user's phone. Then the third point is to provide a special mode that only presents an important feature or function of the phone to help mobile users lower their addiction rate.  

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