The FCC licensed SpaceX for flying satellite broadband

SpaceX Company
The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has granted SpaceX a license to operate a set of satellite broadband internet providers.

This means that the government agency has approved the creation of a low Earth orbital broadband service by SpaceX.

One of SpaceX's founders and CEOs, Elon Musk has indeed explained his plan to send thousands of micro satellites to provide internet service for years.

In 2017, SpaceX strives to realize its plans by holding discussions with the FCC on a regular basis. SpaceX also enroll licenses that allow them to operate on the broadband spectrum under unregulated FCC regulations. Internet service using this micro satellite will be named Starlink.

In February, SpaceX launched the first two satellites of the 12,000 satellites they planned to launch.
Apparently, SpaceX will start the Starlink program by creating a satellite suite of 4,425 units. The FCC asked them to launch at least half of that figure within the next six years.

"With this step, the Commission is taking another step to improve the availability of high speed broadband and competition in the United States," the FCC said in an official statement to CNBC.

SpaceX plans to launch a satellite that works for this Internet provider's satellite network starting next year. At that time, they will compete directly with OneWeb satellite internet provider.