The French government filed lawsuits against Apple and Google for being unfair to developers

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The French government is reportedly suing Apple and Google for being considered unfairly to third party developers who are instrumental in presenting the various applications as user options on the App Store and Google Play.

Previously, the French court also sentenced US $ 2.7 billion in fines to Google in relation to search priorities, and US $ 14 billion for Apple related to its avoiding payment of taxes.

There is currently no detailed information related to this case, but in detail, France claims that Apple and Google monopolize their app store.

Both app stores are considered supposed to bring the product to the public, considering almost everyone is now using Android and iPhone.

The demands to the owners of the operating system are reportedly because they unilaterally decide the commissions they are part of, the terms of the contract, and other changes, causing the developer to have no power to negotiate.

The action has taken place since the presence of two application stores belonging to these two technology giants.

Since the presence of this application store, Apple earned revenues of US $ 11 billion as a commission from revenue only last year, and assessed an increase now.

The filing of lawsuits against Apple and Google due to unfair actions to the developers was submitted by French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

Le Maire denounced Apple's unfair treatment of Apple and its developers and startups, despite having great powers.

The fury of the French government is also expected to be triggered by predictions that Apple has a great chance to become the world's highest-rated company.

The prediction circulated that Apple will be a company worth US $ 1 trillion in 2018, because last year, Apple's value has reportedly reached more than US $ 900 billion.

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