Trump surprised that Elon Musk's rocket could get back on its own to Earth

Donald Trump
The launch of the world's strongest rocket, Falcon Heavy in the last month, still leaves stories. President of the United States Donald Trump was still amazed by the sophistication of Falcon Heavy, in which the engine pusher can return to earth for use again.

Trump claimed more amazed by the return of the propulsive engine rather than watching Falcon Heavy dart into space.

"To me, it's more amazing than seeing the rocket fly because I've never seen it before. No one has seen it, where they can reuse the booster," Trump praised the achievements of SpaceX, the company owned by Elon Musk maker Falcon Heavy.

"They can come back without wings or without anything, they land so beautifully," Trump added.
Trump is also proud because rich people in the US such as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos want to invest heavily for the race out of space. "These rich people love spaceships," he continued.

Moreover, SpaceX can save so much money because the rocket booster engine can be reused. If the government makes it, Trump says the price will multiply.

"I pay attention to the price, they say it costs US $ 80 million.If the government does, the same thing may cost 40 to 50 times," Trump said.
With SpaceX, Blue Origin and of course NASA, Trump believes no country has been able to defeat the US on space technology. "We're really up front, nobody does what we do," he said.