Twitter is accused of failing to prevent online violence and harassment of women

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Amnesty International claims Twitter failed to prevent online violence and abuse of women. Instead, Twitter is judged to create a 'toxic' environment for women.

Amnesty in a report published on Wednesday, said Twitter responded inconsistently when the abuse case was highlighted, even when it violated its own rules. The report is published to coincide with 12 years since the first Twitter tweets were uploaded.

The human rights organization accused Twitter of failing to respect women's rights, by not being able to interpret and enforce its policies to prevent toxic or negative content.

As a result, there are threats of murder, rape and racism, transphobia and homophobia against women.

The Amnesty report also contains a survey of 1,100 UK female respondents. As a result, only 9 percent think Twitter did enough to stop violence and abuse against women.

While 78 percent feel the service is not a place to channel their opinions without accepting, for example, harsh words. Amnesty UK director, Kate Allen, confirms Twitter to be a toxic place for women.

"During this time, women on Twitter are easily faced with threats of death or rape, as well as their gender, ethnicity and orientation are attacked," Allen said.