Twitter plans to ban crypto money ads

Twitter logo
Twitter will follow Facebook and Google's steps to prohibit advertisements related to crypto money investment offers circulating in its services.
This news circulated the first time from Sky News that claims to have contacted Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter.

Although not yet disclose details of the policy to be taken, Sky News said Dorsey will take decisive action on its homemade platform. The reason is not much different from that disclosed by Facebook and Google.

Twitter will remove and prohibit all forms of advertising services and crypto money businesses to suppress online fraud figures that take advantage of crypto money trends. Of course they are not to blame in case of such a case.

How will it affect? Twitter's ranking will decrease just like any other digital platform. However, the greatest impact would be the impact on the crypto money business itself.

The value of crypto money is predicted to decrease with the circulation of this news. The same thing happened in January when Facebook announced its policy of blocking crypto money ads. The value of crypto money in the market fell to its lowest point in February as Google last week announced a similar policy.

Crypto money ads are also considered dangerous, after in January cybersecurity company Trend Micro mentions crypto money ads embedded crypto crystalline money that can infiltrate the victim's device accessing the ad.

Even so this condition will also have a good side. The government and the business of crypto money will discuss working together to formulate regulations to legalize and create security for the business so that investors are increasingly interested.