Uber wants to sell autonomous car technology to Toyota

Autonomous Uber
The provider of ridesharing services that develops autonomous car technology is not just Lyft and Waymo. Uber was also developing similar things. Reportedly Uber was trying to sell the technology.

According to news circulating, the company offered automotive car technology by Uber it is Toyota. Cars made by companies from Japan are targeted to be embedded technology that is minivan.

This is the first time Uber mentioned trying to sell his home-made technology to other companies. CEO Uber Dara Khosrowshahi recently met with a number of Toyota officials, including his AI development boss named Gill Pratt.
The meeting was conducted at Uber's research center located in Pittsburgh, United States. It is unclear how far the process of selling the technology, or even what topics are discussed in the meeting.

In Toyota's official statement, the meeting was a routine meeting to share information about autonomous car technology. Toyota also mentions not yet is the decision-making process.
Toyota is certainly not a foreign company for Uber, because in 2016, they injected some money into Uber. Then, in January 2018, they both worked together to create an autonomous car system.