Uber's autonomous car project is problematic when crashing into pedestrians in Arizona

Uber autonomous car
The incidence of Uber's autonomous car crashing into a pedestrian in Arizona, the United States a few days ago, is not the only problem in the development of Uber's autonomous car system.

In the internal data obtained by the New York Times, there is a note that Uber's autonomous car often fails to meet the requirements to operate on the streets.

One such problem is related to the Volvo XC90 range, that is when the driver still too often takes over the control of the car when it is run, a thing that would delay the implementation of automotive Uber car technology. This is not in line with the expectations of Uber engineers.

Another problem is seen in the second-minute video of an accident in Arizona that killed Elaine Herzberg. In the video the driver was looking down, moments before the car crashed into Herzberg, and the presence of a second driver might have prevented the accident.

A second-minute video of an accident in Arizona

According to records, Uber actually started his autonomous car system with two drivers. But when Uber decided to use only a driver, many of Uber's employees expressed his concerns to the manager.

"They are afraid that just using a driver will be increasingly difficult to stay vigilant during a monotonous driving process," reads the note.

Other problems found from the note are drivers whose attention is distracted until the driver is asleep when testing autonomous cars.

But now Uber obviously had time to fix the problems, because after the accident in Arizona, Uber stopped all his autonomous car operations.

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