WeChat achieve 1 billion active users in the Lunar New Year

In the presence of the Chinese government, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng mentioned that the country's largest and largest messaging apps have gained the highest number of monthly active users.

Monthly active users of the WeChat app or otherwise known as Weixin in their home country have about 1 billion monthly active users. Ma revealed that the number is achieved through the Lunar New Year.

Given WeChat feature that provides financial transaction system, this application is widely used by users in China, as well as Chinese community in various parts of the world to send money in digital form.

It mentioned that there are 688 million users of digital hongbao features that increase 15 percent from Lunar New Year in 2017. For the number of monthly active users of WeChat alone in the third quarter of 2017 is still recorded at 980 million.

So it is not surprising that the achievement of WeChat monthly active users who now reach 1 billion is very proud.

WhatsApp has a current monthly number of active users reaching 1.5 billion, which is just now testing the features of financial transactions. WeChat has long featured a variety of features that make this application a daily necessity.

Even the Guangdong provincial government is partnering with WeChat to help create a virtual identity card connected to China's population database.

For some users of WeChat users may not be a horrendous event considering applications like Facebook and WhatsApp are prohibited from operating in China.

Thanks to the spread of the Chinese community who wander in various countries WeChat still has a considerable user base.